Bistro ChalkboardBuying a bistro chalkboard can be a simple thing- you know what you want and you go and buy it. But, if you are looking to add one for the first time, or you were just convinced that there are only one or two to choose from, you might be surprised. There are various sizes and styles and some that while technically labeled as such are not even chalkboards at all. If you are buying for a bistro or a personal home, you have to have a good idea of what you are buying, before you can get started.

A chalkboard at even the smallest of cafes or bistros has to be fairly large so that the customers can read the delicious specials without having to strain to see them. They are often sat outside of the front door, enticing people to stop in and try this new confection or talking about the soup of the day, so they sometimes need to be rather large and able to stand on their own. In other places, they are merely propped or hung near the front counter, there to give information but not necessarily being used for any real marketing efforts. The bolder they are, the more they are noticed. They should be clever and clearly written on with colored chalk and an easy-to-read printing style.

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But it can be used at home just as effectively. No one is going to buy and install a large, folding model in their home but one that can be propped on a counter or hung on a wall is a welcome addition and can be used as a store list reminder or can be used to prepare the family for the upcoming menu. They can also be used for other purposes as long as you are creative.

In addition to the traditional models, there are those that are clear plastic, allowing you to write almost magically with colored light. These are fun because they are easy to erase and need no chalk, and create no chalk residue at all. There are similar ones that can be used, including those that glow or use neon colors to get their point across. Remember though, the glowing or neon ones do need either electricity or batteries to make them work which can have some influence in where you can put them.

No matter what, your bistro chalkboard can be a great addition to the kitchen both in terms of style and usefulness.

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